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Walibi Holland


Teaming up with Unlocked and Walibi Holland, we ensured visitors had an absolute blast at Walibi Play! The 2022 launch was amazing, featuring Paraduze, Ronald, Puxque, OMGitsTiesto, vThorben, TeVeelGevraagd, Fems, Afrojack, and TeamWALL. The content creators packed the weekend with meet & greets, playzones, and games like Just Dance, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

We brought back the fun in 2023 with Paraduze and Fems. Paraduze chilled with fans all over the park, chatting and gaming together. Meanwhile, Fems made a show on the mainstage as the host of the Just Dance Final. She not only talked about the game but also showed her own moves on stage and around the park, interaction with everyone at her meet & greets.