4All Levels



Back in 2021, amidst the chaos of COVID, Afrojack and 4ALL Levels teamed up to launch TeamWALL. Their mission? To combine the love for music and gaming by bringing both worlds together and turning it into unique video content and livestreams giving new and upcoming artists a chance to start a career in music, content creation, or both.

Along the way, TeamWALL set up a Discord where the crew and community could hang out. In just a year, over 5000 friends jumped in, making it a lively community hub. TeamWALL threw watch parties, movie nights, dropped music updates, and even had music demo sessions with Afrojack himself! It was all about having a blast and connecting with fans on different public platform.

TeamWALL didn’t just chill. They hit up GameForce, WalibiPlay, Gamma Scheveningen, The Esports Game Arena, and partied with DJs like Alan Walker and Oliver Heldens. They were all about pushing boundaries and bonding with fans.

Their streams weren’t just about playing games; they were about building a community. They called it quits in 2023 when COVID was over and Afrojack was back touring around the world.

TeamWALL, a place where fun and entertainment turns out to be the most important factors to realize an ever growing community.