4All Levels

2Basics & Oona agency

Samsung GameCrafters

In collaboration with 2Basics and Oona agency, we embarked on an exciting venture to introduce the brand-new Samsung series, GameCrafters! Our talented individuals Ronald and Puxque represented 4ALL Levels in this innovative gaming project.

In this series, young gaming developers were provided with the opportunity to create a game level that reflected the goal of the creator. Developers Sin Wah, Joshua, and Sandor had the pleasure of crafting a game level for our very own Ronald, utilizing the platform of Roblox. Through a detailed breakdown of the development process, the level, and personal contributions, the results were truly stunning. You can see the end result here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejq0ERjfgMg&t=156s 

Meanwhile, Puxque took on the role of the show’s host. Across four episodes, she engaged with each developer, along with special guests, including her co-host Egbert. Puxque provided insightful breakdowns of the concepts presented by the developers, engaged in in-depth discussions, and expertly guided each episode with her leadership.