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NVIDIA marketing & influencer campaign

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

NVIDIA 40-series graphics cards laptop campaign with Aorus and Megekko

NVIDIA’s 40-series graphics cards redefine the gaming and content creation experience on laptops and renowned influencers have test the Aorus laptop, showcasing its prowess in gaming, video editing, and livestreaming.

Together with Paraduze, Ronald and Puxque we brought the best of gaming, editing, and livestreaming to users through the cutting-edge technology of the Aorus laptop powered by NVIDIA’s 40-series graphics cards.

– Ronald, a master editor who has seamlessly integrated himself into blockbuster films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Spongebob.

– Paraduze, who brings uniques formats to live within the Fortnite game and is creating his own Fortnite custom maps.

– Puxque, known for her engaging streams and interactive gaming content, where she seamlessly transitions between gameplay and engaging with her viewers.

For this NVIDIA campaign we’ve worked together with Aorus and Megekko to bring a full experience to the target audience.