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JBL Quantum

Battle of the Lowlands
Warzone Edition

In partnership with VCTRY.agency, we came up with an exciting idea: JBL Quantum: Battle of the Lowlands. It was all about bringing together streamers and the JBL Quantum brand in a fun way. Hosted by Paraduze and Puxque, the event brought 32 streamers from the Netherlands and Belgium for an exciting Warzone tournament. We wanted everyone to have a blast, make connections, and showcase the awesome JBL Quantum products to the Twitch community.

The response from the Twitch audience was incredible! The JBL Quantum Twitch channel gained over 19,500 live views and 12,900 unique viewers during the 3-hour broadcast. The total views of all streamers combined ended up at +115.000 livestream views. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying the event and getting to know JBL Quantum brand better and experience the sound quality in a unique way.

With JBL Quantum: Battle of the Lowlands, we aimed to blend gaming, community, and brand discovery. The success of the event highlights what can happen when you bring people together around something they enjoy. We’re thrilled about the impact we made and can’t wait for the next one!